The begining...

Sloat Group believes it’s important to know where they’ve been to know where they’re going.  Back in 2004, Mark Sloat began working for The Vanguard Group in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1976 by Jack Bogle, a pioneer in the world of mutual funds and a strong client advocate, the business model was simple.  Put client interests first, charge a fair fee, and business will follow. When Mark joined in 2004, the company celebrated the $800-billion-dollar milestone.  By the time he parted ways some 13 years later, Vanguard managed approximately $5 Trillion dollars!

Seeing the success this model had on the investments industry over the past 4 decades, Sloat Group was eager to introduce the same low cost approach to the world of real estate and to say it’s been well received by Arizona homeowners is an understatement. In the first 11 months of his real estate career, Mark alone sold 33 homes and saved his clients over $165,000 in real estate commissions.

Sloat Group vows to grow, innovate, and challenge the status qou all while putting their clients’ interests first.  Sloat Group is the highest value provider of professional realty services at the lowest cost in Arizona.