Meet Your Team

What's our long term strategy? We Put you first!

 Our diverse experience and backgrounds give us a fresh set of eyes and new perspectives on a tired industry. As your team of real estate professionals, we work relentlessly to provide the right solution for your unique situation.   Client focused, results driven.

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Mark Sloat, CFP®

When he's not blogging or scouring MLS at 3 AM, Mark can be found sailing Lake Pleasant (or the Caribbean) with his wife and 2 year old daughter. As a former Wealth Manager, Mark is constantly searching for the right solution to meet your unique situation!



Sarah Charlton

The healthiest on the team, Sarah regularly clocks more than 15 miles a week in her running shoes! In fact, in 2018 she will compete in the Chicago Marathon just 3 months after welcoming her first child. As marketing coordinator, Sarah makes sure the team always has homes to sell!



Andrew Leal, MBA

As latin pop stars will do, Andrew is known to spontaneously break out in song if you leave a guitar laying around. Andrew brings to the team more than 15 years of sales and project management experience. As Real Estate Advisor specializing in Gilbert, Chandler, and Scottsdale, Andrew prides himself on making each buying experience special. 

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Tim McNaney, CFP®

Tim is known on the team for having the best hair, despite just welcoming his second child into this world in December of 2017! A trained fiduciary, Tim carries his Certified Financial Planning designation and always looks out for his clients best interest.


Deborah Jennings

A social media mogul, Deborah brings her online marketing prow-less to sell homes using modern tools born in the Facebook & Instagram era. A Northern California native, Deborah has called Phoenix home for the past 12 years! She is an amazing mom, an avid dog rescuer, a hiker & travel connoisseur, and an expert problem solver!

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Courtney Wise

Perhaps the wisest of the bunch, Courtney brings nearly 20 years of real estate experience to the team!  As our Dream Coordinator (and team cat herder), Courtney ensures we stay organized and any home we get under contract reaches the finish line. 



Andy Lohman

Whats the difference between R-15 & R-21 insulation? Andy can tell you. And then give you the entire evolution behind residential insulation. As our dedicated home inspector, Andy spends countless hours making sure your home is safe and secure for decades to come.